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What is Coaching?

Motivation.  Follow through.  Prioritizing.  Accomplishing. 
Do any of these seem unattainable?

You are definitely not alone.  We can have all the knowledge in the world but STILL have a hard time putting it into practice.
A coach is like a blend between a supportive friend and a trusted adviser.  I can partner with you to increase self-awareness, offer clarity, help you identify your goals, provide accountability, and encourage you toward the change you desire.  
Common concerns that come up in my coaching sessions include:
  • navigating school, work and life stress (expectations, relationships...)
  • living well with chronic pain
  • caregiving for someone with chronic illness or elderly
  • finding parenting strategies that work for you (and your child) 
  • getting along with your spouse when life is overwhelming
  • navigating times of transition
  • making peace with an imperfect life
  • taking steps towards making the changes you want
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Schedule a free 15 min intro call or your first session here.
Virtual and in-person sessions available
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