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Image by Colin Maynard
Image by Patrick Hendry
Walking and talking can be a great way to get outside, calm your nervous system, and access your thoughts.  Plus it gives you exercise, fresh air, and vitamin D (if it is sunny).  Whether you are struggling with chronic pain, parenting, relationships, or, whatever the concern, walking is a great way to open up and process your thoughts and feelings. 
Kids and teens often find walking more conducive to talking as well.  Bring your dog if you like! 
Counselling and coaching can both be done while walking.  If we are working together in person, we can walk together in Kelowna and if we are working online, we can each walk while we wear earbuds and talk. 
It is understandable that confidentiality is a concern both for us and the clients we serve. In Walk and Talk Therapy, it is true that others may overhear the conversation as they walk by or that there is the chance of seeing someone either of us knows on the trail. Prior to beginning Walk and Talk Therapy, we will take time in-office to review a consent form specially tailored to these confidentiality issues and discuss your comfort level with various options. We may agree to limit our conversation when in earshot of another person, and we will make an agreement as to how we will handle the potential situation of running into someone you may know. We may also discuss whether there are certain issues you prefer not to discuss at Walk and Talk therapy, instead opting to discuss those in in-office sessions. My goal is to make you feel comfortable so that you may get the most out of your therapy session, whether in-office or on the trails!
Our first session will be in person or online.  If you are interested in walking and talking for subsequent sessions, just let me know and we will discuss the details.
Need help deciding between coaching and counselling?  Click here.
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