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Let Information Flow Through You

We take so much information in…podcasts, tv shows, movies, self-help books, news, motivational speeches and sermons… we can get clogged up. Do you have a balance between the info you absorb every day and the way you use it or pass it along? That balance is kind of important I think. Otherwise we become a little paralyzed with so much information and not enough using the info we absorb.

Like eating too much turkey at Thanksgiving and then needing to loosen our belt and nap. Instead of letting this information turn to brain fat and weigh us down, we need to use it. Only take in as much as we can use. Calories in, calories out. Information in, information out.

Taking too much info in can affect us in a few ways, including:

1) Throwing a wet blanket on your own personal insight, gut feeling, intuition

2) Making you paralyzed because of all the conflicting views

3) Becoming a bit of an addiction because it is so much easier to consume content than do something with it

I am prone to all 3 of these. I LOVE information! I could research all day! I can get a little obsessed. But the information needs to flow in and out or I start to get uneasy, imbalanced, and paralyzed. Mentally constipated.

What are some ways to unclog the pipe?

~ journaling – just like the picture shows, it can get all of what is inside of you out on paper and it can start to make a lot more sense when you see it written down.

~ creating – making art can release the valve (painting, drawing, pottery, sewing, home décor) or writing a memoir, a letter, an email…

~ conversing with others – pass the info along, pass your own insight along

~ posting or commenting on fb or Instagram rather than just scrolling

~ praying – getting those thoughts out and handing them over to a higher power

~ meditating – turn that brain off! Or allow your own intuition to bubble up.

~ volunteering

~ exercising

~ cooking

~ cleaning

~ yardwork

~ frolicking with a pet

~ decluttering

These can pretty much be summed up as producing, conversing, moving, or making space to listen to your own intuition.

Information overload can also become a problem when we are frantic to find a cause for our child’s pain. Articles, podcasts, books, Facebook groups…we research incessantly to find any answers. There was a time when I needed to limit my migraine research to one hour a day, otherwise it would take over my day!

It can also be a problem for our kids when they are in bed, in pain, scrolling through Instagram and Tiktok and watching Netflix and Youtube all day. How can we help the information to move through them?

I need to be aware during the day of how much info I am absorbing, and how much I am creating or metabolizing and passing along. Especially during Covid it is easy to passively receive info and not do anything about it. But that can make us mentally fat, lazy, and depressed.

Hey, I just passed on some metabolized information and insight to you!

How do you keep the flow of information going through you?

~ Carla

The general contents of this website are provided solely for educational and informational purposes and are not meant to provide professional, medical, or psychiatric advice, counselling or therapeutic services.


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