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What Part of You Needs a Little More Attention?

I have been meeting with a life coach lately and she gave me some homework this week. She asked

me to think about the continuous dance happening between my body, mind, and spirit and to notice which one is usually getting more attention.

She said to check in with myself a few times a day to see if any of them are being neglected and needing a little more support.

So I have been doing that. A few times a day. And I am realizing that my mind gets a WHOLE LOT of attention. It gets the spotlight almost all the time. I am always thinking, analyzing, problem solving, scheduling, researching, consuming information…

And I realize that the things that tend to my body also often tend to my spirit…yoga, hot tub, walk, stretching…. And I have to consciously tell my mind it can have a break while I do those things so it doesn’t take over.

Tending to my spirit might also be visiting with someone I love, meditation, prayer, lighting a candle, putting on music I love, lighting a fire.

It has been a helpful practice for me to notice the dance between the 3 and observe whether another part of me needs a little more attention throughout the day.

I have realized that, of the 3, I often neglect my body the most. It doesn’t get much of my thought or time throughout the day. And doing things for my body often feels like a chore. But I think that taking care to stretch, move, and even just change positions regularly is so important. Regular check-ins throughout the day help me to be mindful of where to put my attention. And has been a good reminder to shift my focus.

~ Carla

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