Plants and Pottery
Redesigning life from the inside out
for parents, children, families, & you

Hi.  I'm Carla

I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Pain Coach, Life Coach, and Teacher. 

I have years of experience partnering with kids, parents, and families to navigate the stresses of life, including:
  • parenting
  • school struggles (for children and teachers)
  • work stress
  • chronic pain
  • family relationships
  • anxiety
  • complicated life transitions

warmth.  connection.  change.

I know how overwhelming life can be.
I know that change can seem impossible when you are barely holding it together. 
While I have received years of professional training as a counsellor, coach, and teacher, my real knowledge and wisdom come from my own lived experience.  Parenting, marriage, chronic illness, navigating personal and professional relationships and living internationally are just a few of the life events that inform my practice.
My goal, as I partner with you on your journey, is to provide space for you to reflect on where you are, identify what you value, and take the steps toward living a life that feels less stressful, more  authentic, and more at ease. 
You are not alone.  We can do this.


Counselling & Coaching
for mental health support & implementing change
Chronic Pain
Image by Benjamin Manley
understanding pain, small steps & pacing
Pencil Colors
I used to be a teacher & a school counsellor
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