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Counselling children

I have been working with children of all ages for 25+ years in a variety of settings:

  • schools - as a school counsellor and teacher in Canada and overseas (Azerbaijan, China, and Saudi Arabia),

  • group homes

  • summer camps

  • youth groups

  • and parenting my own two kids! (Greta and Oliver are now both teens)

I easily establish rapport with children and have a calm, warm, playful and patient presence that encourages them to open up to me. It can be uncomfortable for a child to have to talk about their concerns, so we have options to keep our hands busy while we talk:

  • coloring

  • playing with toys

  • playing board games (that still allow for conversation)

  • crafting

  • drawing

  • stress putty and other items to fiddle with

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I always let children know that they can tell me anything and I will keep it confidential, unless they are in any sort of danger, in which case I follow BCACC counselling protocols.  While working with children, I balance the child's right to privacy with the parents' request for information. Our sessions are most effective when a trusting relationship exists between the therapist and the child. Whether in person or online, the goal is to be comfortable enough so talking comes naturally.


While conversations are kept confidential, general themes, ideas and recommendations can be provided to the parent.  If something specific comes up in our sessions that I think would be helpful for you to know, I will encourage your child to talk to you about it or ask for their consent to share it with you.  My goal will always be to encourage healthy and open communication within the family. 

Educational Counselling & Consulting

As a Certified Teacher and former School Counsellor, I have knowledge, experience, and expertise working within the education system to help you gather the accommodations and supports that your child needs to succeed, including:

  • IEPs (Individual Education Plans)

  • in-class supports

  • assisting with effective communication with teachers and other school staff

  • gathering medical and testing documentation

  • accessing community supports

  • attending School Based Team meetings with you (via zoom or in person)

  • accessing supports in college and university

If your child is struggling in school and you need support navigating the education system, book a session. 

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Virtual and in-person sessions available