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Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can affect your entire life... sleep, work, parenting, socializing, housework, relationships, vacations, and even just trying to relax!
You have likely tried what seems like everything from doctors to naturopaths, diets, supplements, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors...the list goes on and on.  If you are fortunate, some of it helps but sometimes, after all that effort, you are left with less money, less energy, and more pain.

I know.  That was me.  And my daughter.
Our Chronic Pain Journey
(a very long story short)
I have had migraines for 25+ years.  My daughter, Greta, has had migraines and other diffuse pain non-stop for 5+ years.  The decline for her happened over several years but, within time, Greta was down to only taking 1 class a semester at school and was in bed all day every day.  We were devastated, overwhelmed, exhausted, and no matter what we tried, we still could not bring her pain levels down. 

Then, after 4 years, we were finally referred to a pedia
tric pain clinic.  That was when our journey to health began.  They listened, understood, and helped us to understand chronic pain in a whole new way.  We started to set weekly manageable goals to increase function and developed daily practices to ease her nervous system.  And it started to work!  How in the world was this helping when nothing else had ever made a difference?  Progress was slow but consistent.  It wasn't magic.  But within a few weeks we started to notice a change and within a year Greta was back to attending school full-time! 
She still has pain but it is not so prominent.  She has learned how to manage flare-ups and continue living well with chronic pain. 
Greta is not just another success story.  You know those kinds of success stories that seem to work for other people but not for you?  What worked for Greta has worked for me and for countless clients with chronic pain. They are the principles taught at pain clinics worldwide because they are the most effective strategies for helping people to regain function and turn the volume down on pain, once it has become chronic. 

Understanding chronic pain, goal setting, easing your nervous system, pacing (to minimize flare-ups), and shifting perspective can help you to start living life again.  Chronic pain counselling and coaching can provide the support, accountability, motivation and encouragement to help you to get there. 

You are not alone.  I can partner with you through this. 

Together we will work on:

  • understanding chronic pain

  • setting micro goals to increase function

  • pacing 

  • self-care

  • easing your nervous system out of fight or flight mode

  • exploring the fear pain cycle

  • understanding the impact of stress and anxiety

  • self-advocacy

  • gathering a team of support

Living with chronic pain can be a lonely road. 

It's comforting to work with a practitioner who understands.

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