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Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can affect your entire life: sleep, work, parenting, socializing, housework, relationships, vacations, and even just trying to relax!
You have likely tried what seems like everything from doctors to naturopaths, diets, supplements, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors...the list goes on and on. 
If you are fortunate, some of it helps but sometimes, after all that effort, you are left with less money, less energy, and more pain.

I know.  That was me.  And my daughter.

How Can Counselling Help with Chronic Pain?

First of all, going to counselling for pain in no way means that your pain is "all in your head."  Your pain is as real as any pain.  

However, intense feelings like sadness, despair, anger, helplessness, and hopelessness can intensify your pain.  Mental health support can help to process and lessen the effect of these emotions.  Counselling can even help to change the brain's physical response to pain.  It can help pain to feel not so painful. Often, as function and participation in life increase, and perceptions and expectations shift, the nervous system is eased and pain can start to fade into the background.

Common topics discussed in chronic pain counselling include:

  • understanding chronic pain

  • setting micro goals to slowly participate in life again without getting overwhelmed

  • pacing your activity to avoid pain flares

  • being gentle with yourself (this is a heavy load you are carrrying!)

  • easing your nervous system and helping you to shift out of 'fight or flight' mode

  • exploring the feelings of worry, hopelessness, and despair that often accompany chronic pain 

  • understanding the impact of stress and anxiety on the experience of pain

  • self-advocacy

  • negotiating responsibilities that may be affected by chronic pain (school, work, friendships, family, household duties)

  • gathering a team of support

Living with chronic pain can be a lonely road.  It is helpful to have a supportive partner along the way, someone who knows what it is like to live with pain and who knows the way to living well again.

I can partner with you through this.

Book a free 15 min call 

what clients are saying...

"Finally, someone who understands what it is really like to live with chronic pain.  I wish I had found you years ago!"
"We were drowning and we finally feel hopeful again! Our daughter is increasing her time at school and spending time with friends again and we are all so encouraged!"
"After all these years I am finally making progress.  What a relief for me and my whole family!"
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