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The Greta Method

Our Story

Greta's Story

Our daughter Greta was 14 when she started getting migraines.  They got progressively worse until she had head pain 24/7.  She missed a lot of school and was in bed almost all day, every day.  By the time she was in grade 12 she was only taking one class a semester at school and most days she couldn't even make it to her one class!  We were desperate.  We had tried what seemed like everything: neurologists, preventive medication, injections, supplements, physiotherapy, massage, chiropractors, acupuncture, Reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, psychologists, functional medicine, naturopaths . . . but nothing seemed to help.  We were exhausted, overwhelmed, and hopeless.

After 4 years, we were finally referred to a pain specialist at a pediatric pain clinic. 


He showed compassion. 


He listened, understood, and affirmed all our hard work.



Then he explained chronic pain to us in a way that made a lot of sense.  And he explained why medication was not working and how becoming more functional and easing Greta's nervous system were the keys to helping to ease her out of this chronic pain cycle. 

girl sleeping

We knew we had a long road ahead of us.  How do you help someone become more functional when their pain is so debilitating?!  But we knew this was what we had to do. We started with small manageable weekly goals and built on them week by week.  I put my counselling, coaching, and teaching skills to work and developed tracking systems, incentives, and a method to keep Greta taking weekly steps to increase her function.  She started with tiny goals, like walking around the house once a day but within a few months she was up to an outing a day and keeping up with her schoolwork.  We continued to work with the pain clinic here in BC and Greta attended the 3 week inpatient Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Program at Cleveland Clinic which accelerated the work we had been doing at home. 


Now life is so different!  She is out of bed all day, attending university, and able to participate in many things like a normal teenager.  She still has pain.  But now she knows how to manage it.

After years of desperation, wondering if we would ever find anything to help Greta's pain, we finally have found something that works.  And we can't just keep it to ourselves!  We want to share it with other families out there who are struggling and desperate.   I have compiled all of our learning, our trial and error, and the strategies that work, into The Greta Method program to help other families who are at a loss wondering how they will ever help their child get out of bed and living life again. 

You are not alone. 

I can partner with you through this. 

Please don't think that this is another one of those success stories about something that worked for us and now we are convinced that everyone should do it. 
I know those stories can be very hard to take. 
Often, what worked for someone else does not work for the next person. 
However, these strategies haven't only worked for us.  They are common strategies endorsed by pain management programs and pain specialists around the world.  Because they are the strategies that are most effective for persistent pain.  With The Greta Method, you will have the strategies, support, community, and accountability that help you and your family participate in life again.  
The Greta Method will help you and your child to:
  • make weekly progress towards participating in life again
  •  create "just right" weekly goals that can be accomplished regardless of fluctuating pain levels
  • learn about strategies that can help you ease out of "fight or flight" mode
  • understand chronic pain, why we have it, and what needs to be done to reverse it
  • find effective ways of advocating for yourself with teachers and doctors
  • pinpoint what your child is capable of and what is too much
  • see that your child's body is not broken ~ it is capable of change and healing
  • become aware of your parenting strategies and what is working for and against you
  • develop a plan for pain flares so you have confidence managing them
  • experience success!  Finally something that works!!!

The Greta Method has 12 lessons.  Some are for parents and others are for you and your child together. While it may seem that trying to set any goal at this point is completely overwhelming (I know how that feels, I have been there!) let me assure you that we will break the process down so small that the goals will not be too difficult for your child. 


Throughout the 12 weeks you have access to support through:

  • our Members Only Facebook group,

  • weekly group coaching calls for parents

  • weekly group coaching calls for your kids 

  • the option for individual coaching sessions as needed. 


Parenting a child with an invisible illness can be very lonely.  It can feel like we are the only ones struggling. Being part of the program with others can give you the encouragement, support, and accountability you have been looking for.  Plus, peer support for your child can be transformative.  Seeing other kids make progress despite pain is inspirational!


You'll find support to make change in The Greta Method.

  • Facebook

Join our free community Facebook group, "Parenting Kids who have Chronic Pain"

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Book a FREE 45 min intro call:

  • to discuss your chronic pain journey, what you've tried, what is working and what isn't

  • to see whether The Greta Method is a good fit for your family

  • Please know that this is not a high pressure sales call - my goal is to help you find the best support for your child

Package 1
  • 45 min Intro call
  • The Greta Method 12 week program
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • 12 weekly group coaching calls for parents
Package 2
  • 45 min Intro call
  • The Greta Method 12 week program
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • 12 weekly group coaching calls for parents
  • 12 weekly group coaching calls for kids

 Prices are in US dollars.

Join our Parent Support Group on Thursdays at 11am PST
for parents of kids who have chronic pain

Pour yourself a cup of tea and navigate this journey with others who understand.

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