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Maybe This is the Way My Story Goes Today

by Carla Friesen (Licensed Psychotherapist, Pain Coach, Certified Teacher)

Sometimes it helps me to take a step back and look at my life as a story. Things are going pretty well. Then something happens. Then things start to decline. And then I hit rock bottom. And then I hit a further rock bottom. I get a new perspective and things improve a bit. We have a win. Then we have a calm stretch…. You know how it goes.

“Maybe this is the way my story goes today” is a phrase I tell myself often.

If I get a flat tire and am late for an appointment ~ Maybe this is the way my story goes today.

If I get a calm, lovely moment for coffee and reflection and hear my kids giggling and enjoying one another ~ Maybe this is the way my story goes today.

Greta wakes up with a little less pain lately. We are hopeful. And then she gets into a fender bender and the pain all comes rushing back ~ Maybe this is the way my story goes today.

We are looking forward to an appointment with a specialist for weeks (or months) and it turns out to be disappointing. ~ Maybe this is the way my story goes today.

There are all sorts of elements in a story. Background narrative, inciting incidents, rising action, setbacks, climax, falling action, and resolution. Our stories have all those things. Sometimes monthly and sometimes daily. As characters in the story we can feel disappointed, hopeful, brave, weak, resigned, and determined all in one day.

Stepping back and getting a wider view of my moments, and my days can give me a little perspective. Even just saying “I guess this is the way my story goes today” helps me to know there is a bigger arc. More to the story. Nothing is stagnant indefinitely, everything keeps changing. My job as a character in the story is to be flexible and ebb and flow with the story line, trusting there is some reprieve ahead.

When we watch movies or read books, no matter how tragic, there is often a beauty in them. An honesty. A vulnerability, and a realness that touches us. Our lives are like that. It is just hard to see when we are in the middle of them.

"Maybe this is the way your story goes today."

~ Carla

The general contents of this website are provided solely for educational and informational purposes and are not meant to provide professional medical or psychiatric advice, counselling or therapeutic services.


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