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Seeking Comfort in Difficult Times

I was listening to our public radio station the other day and they were talking about Pantone’s “color of the year" and how they go about choosing a color to represent each year. In 2020 they chose the color "classic blue" because it brings a sense of peace and tranquility. They went on to talk about how, when the economy is doing well and the world is stable, then everyone wants to paint their walls fun colors and take risks, but when things are unstable, then people seek classic colors and elements like wood and stone to surround themselves with. We want the comfort of the earth and basics. Nothing gutsy.

Then I started thinking…I have been in a unstable world far longer than 2020. Ever since Greta has had pain, things have felt chaotic and out of control. I used to be more creative and unique… dress in fun ways, wear big jewelry, wear my sparkly doc martens, listen to fun music, and be more involved in things. Now I seek home. I want comfortable clothes. I want comfort food. I yearn to relax and watch tv. I want warm beverages. And easy movement like walking and yoga.

And I DON’T want to be around opinionated people…that’s too exhausting. Making any big changes is also too exhausting (including starting a new fitness regime, a new diet, even doing home renos or having a big garden). I just need to stick to what is familiar.

The only way I can make any change during unsettled times is to take small steps so that it doesn’t FEEL like a big change. ALSO, it works better to add something to what I am already doing rather than eliminate something (i.e. add more vegetables to my meals rather than eliminate sugar). I think our children feel like this too. Too much time in fight or flight mode makes them seek comfort. Netflix, comfort food, Tiktok, bed…. I have found the best way to make any change during difficult times is by taking small steps that are not too overwhelming. And by adding something small to routine instead of removing the comforts.

~ Carla

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